“Dori creates a safe and playful environment where writers feel respected, inspired, supported and taken seriously…”  –-Kyra Anderson


“Always insightful and supportive, Dori’s comments on my novel helped me understand what was working and what wasn’t.  Her critique helped me see several possibilities and work toward a satisfying revision.”
Elli Meeropol

“Dori has the uncanny ability to share the power of her rooted writing practice while witnessing and supporting mine. Writers in Progress is a haven where stories feel safe to come out onto the page…”
Bernadette Giblin

“Dori Ostermiller was my first and best teacher of memoir. Her workshops are gentle and rigorous, deep and thought-provoking. But most of all, Dori is a truly inspired teacher. She gave me the courage to write into the darkest and richest parts of myself. I could not have written my first book without her.”
Alison Smith, author of Name all the Animals

“I came to Writers in Progress needing to learn about narrative flow and character development. Dori’s workshops did that for me, and more. At first, I needed support and encouragement to keep writing. Then, as my book began to take shape, Dori tailored her feedback and exercises to develop the skills I needed. I highly recommend her…”
Kris Holloway, author of Monique and the Mango Rains: Two Years with a Midwife in Mali

“Dori is a gifted teacher with the sharpest insight I’ve ever come across. The quality of her feedback is deep and powerful. She begins and ends with this premise: that we are already serious writers—whether budding, frightened, stuck or in progress—who wish to improve our craft.”
Julia Mines


“My time in the Manuscript Intensive gave me the confidence, skills and courage to write and publish my first mystery novel, and the faith to move full steam ahead on the sequel. Dori is a dedicated teacher, a great coach, and a brilliant editor. She inspires and guides the group  in the creation of powerful support teams. I loved the diversity of the writing that Dori brought forth from each student. I am absolutely sure I could not have created and published my mystery series without Dori.”
Dusty Miller, author of Danger in the Air: an Alice Ott Mystery

“Signing up for the writing intensive workshop was one of the best decisions of my life. I registered because it was the best program I found that offered the structure, direction and support I needed to finish my memoir about my experience with Traumatic Brain Injury. I finished the book. And the writing process and supportive environment Dori created helped me to make measureable gains in brain functioning. Dori Ostermiller offers a remarkable opportunity for anyone engaged in writing a book.” JoAnne Jones

“Writers in Progress offered me constructive feedback to help formulate my plot and hone my perspective, so I could find the right shape for my book.  Dori is a skilled and gentle leader, who offers a warm and safe studio for writers to receive the honest feedback that will enhance any piece of writing and make it into the valuable art that lies at its heart.  Her one-on-one consultations were so sharp in detailing how to move forward in my writing… She is a beautiful and talented writer and a pleasure to work with.”
Linda Rowland

“I highly recommend WIP’s manuscript series.  Dori is not only a wonderful writer, she is a superb adviser and group leader, fostering a positive and cooperative environment.  This is not a “blood on the floor” proposition.  Dori sets a rigorous but manageable schedule and provides detailed and insightful feedback, taking the time to point out and celebrate what is working in addition to identifying with specificity areas that need attention and giving suggestions for improvement.  My experience in the 2012-2013 group has been richly rewarding, and with Dori and my fellow group member’s guidance and support, I will complete the first draft of a novel.  I unreservedly encourage anyone who aspires to write a book, be it novel, memoir, or something else, to take this manuscript series.”
Rich Buckley